Make it easy to lug your equipment with a DJ hand truck

DJ Hand Truck

Best Types of DJ Hand Trucks

dj hand trucks equipmentLet’s face it, DJ’s have to haul a lot of equipment in and out of venues as part of their everyday business operation and having a decent DJ hand truck of some sort saves tons of time and frustration. There are a couple of different options that a DJ can use for this task. Some are better than others, but ultimately which one you go with will depend upon your budget.

Standard DJ Hand Truck Dolly

A regular hand truck, or otherwise known as a dolly, can be used for moving musical equipment in and out of trucks, trailers and venues with ease. By using a hand truck, you will save wear and tear on your back. Another benefit to using equipment such as this is that you won’t have to make so many trips back and forth while loading and unloading. You will be able to stack some of the items on top of one another, and take them out in one load instead of multiple loads like you would if doing it by hand.

You will find this type of DJ hand truck at your local hardware, home improvement or retail store. You could alsdj handtruck dollyo order one on the internet if you live in an area where they are not available to buy locally. If you’d prefer to save some money and don’t have to have a brand new DJ hand truck, consider looking at garage sales or consignment type shops in your area.

A standard hand truck or dolly can usually hold at least 100 lbs of weight depending on the make and model; this will be plenty for your DJ equipment.

If you regularly go up and down a lot of steps, you might want to take a look at getting a stair climber attachment for your moving dolly. A stair climbing attachment will help to keep the hand truck from rolling backwards while you are on your way up or down steps.

Multi-Cart DJ Hand Truck

A multi-cart is the ultimate in DJ hand truck moving equipment. You probably won’t find these in your local store and may have to order one online. This type of moving cart can convert to either a stand up standard type of hand truck or can be used on its side as a cart with wheels. Some multi-carts can even transform into many other positions and configurations, giving you even more options for moving space on wheels.

multi cart dj hand trucksHaving a set up like this insures that all of your DJ equipment will safely fit on the hand truck and won’t fall off accidently no matter what its shape. If you’ve got a monitor that’s really wide, but not so tall, putting it on a standard dolly type of hand truck would be awkward since it would be hanging way off the sides. With a multi-cart DJ hand truck, you just convert to the cart configuration that is on its side and put that same monitor on it and roll it out.

Also, DJ hand truck multi-carts usually come painted with a high gloss non-slipping paint, which is another small benefit to using them.

Appliance Handtruck

Appliance Handtruck: New Innovations, Same Purpose

best Appliance Hand TrucksAn ages-old and famous adage asserts that necessity is the mother of invention, and this holds true in the case of appliance handtruck. This is because most home appliances and even furniture are cumbersome when carried manually, and oftentimes a single person might not be able to pull off the job and will just be exhausted without achieving anything.

Thankfully, the task of moving seemingly immovable appliances and furniture have now become possible thanks to the arrival of appliance hand trucks, which, unlike most hand trucks, feature shorter nose plates and an additional set of wheels which will make the arduous task of moving these heavy loads easier. The bonus set of wheels will also be helpful, as it will be instrumental in balancing the appliance or furniture that is to be moved, especially in surfaces which are unstable such as stairs.

Refrigerators, washers, dryers, sofas, and even tables and chairs are just some of the things which could be moved by appliance handtruck, making them one of the most durable types of hand trucks around. Another distinguishing feature of some appliance hand trucks is the inclusion of winch straps which tighten around Appliance Hand Trucksthe appliance or furniture that will make sure that it is fasten tightly around the hand truck and will prevent it from falling.

A recent innovation in appliance handtruck has recently been made as there are now some of them which are motor-powered and only require the use of a mere battery. This type of appliance hand truck specializes in moving up flights of stairs and has proven to be useful for homeowners who are middle-aged and experience difficulties in moving appliances and furniture past a flight of stairs.

There are constantly new things that are being invented; and even in the case of appliance hand trucks, there are many innovations which are taking place in order to improve them. Who knows what new feature will be added to this helpful product? One thing, however, is certain, and that is that these products will be around for as long as people need them.


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